What is MetaMovement?

MetaMovement is a dynamic yoga practice fused with cardio sprints, deep core work, and powerful mantras designed to move beyond the limitations of body & mind. It is connecting consciousness to movement.

Be brave with your life, and join me for an unforgettable experience.

MetaMovement is more than just a workout. It's a lifestyle. Support, encouragement, and connection is abundantly available at every class. Are you ready to sweat with intention?


What is Primal Flow?

Primal Flow is a blend of meditative Vinyasa flow and Primal energy.


Movement and meditative breath come together to build heat and energy, ending in a primal, grounding release. A work-in AND a workout! 


Primal Flow will leave you feeling zen.  Suitable for all levels of fitness.

 Are you ready to awaken your purpose? 

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